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Christina G

Mom & Entreprenuer

I am a mom of 5 & have always been pregnant or loosing weight. I didn't even know my sizes! She was patient, inquisitive & helpful. Next thing I knew, I was  trying on pieces she had sent links for to wear to my annual conference! EVERY ITEM FIT. I looked and felt like the confident, sassy version of myself. Thank you Maria! Hire her TODAY.

Tori B

Corporate Prof & Consultant

I love fashion. So much so that I have a ridiculous amount of clothes and shoes. I got overwhelmed at the thought of even beginning to try to organize. Maria spent 2.5 hours with me, helping me weed out and organize my closet in a practical way. The first time I put an outfit together after was so much easier, because I could actually see what I was working with. The best part is, we had so much fun!  I wish I had found her a long time ago! I highly recommend working with her!!!