Dabar Couture


I'm Maria

Curating a versatile, manageable wardrobe for on-the-go Professional  & Entrepreneur Woman has been my upmost passion.


I believe that looking amazing is attainable and right at your fingertips! 


Working in Corporate America, I noticed that women had the desire to look amazing everyday, but time and demand was NOT on their side in the morning.

I want to eliminate the days where women stand in front of their closet with 'nothing to wear' and eradicate decision fatigue and impulse spending while shopping for something to wear!

Hey Beauty




I love fashion. So much so that I have a ridiculous amount of clothes and shoes. I got overwhelmed at the thought of even beginning to try to organize. Maria spent 2.5 hours with me, helping me weed out and organize my closet in a practical way. The first time I put an outfit together after was so much easier, because I could actually see what I was working with. The best part is, we had so much fun!  I wish I had found her a long time ago! I highly recommend working with her!!!

I am a mom of 5 & have always been pregnant or loosing weight. I didn't even know my sizes! She was patient, inquisitive & helpful. Next thing I knew, I was  trying on pieces she had sent links for to wear to my annual conference! EVERY ITEM FIT. I looked and felt like the confident, sassy version of myself. Thank you Maria! Hire her TODAY.



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